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New Brandon / Riverview Training Center is NOW OPEN.

 7441 US HWY 301 S - Suite 112 Riverview, FL 33578

(Riverview Center same plaza with the Flea Market)

The new location is in the heart of Riverview on US 301 1.5 miles from Bloomingdale / 4 miles from Brandon We will be closing the SOUTH TAMPA CENTER - on June 23rd .  If you need to reattend after that date, you may go to either North Tampa Carrollwood Center or our NEW Riverview Center after July 1st. Just email us before you come. 

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ALL Students may return 1 more time before you test if you choose. YOU MUST -email us before you return. NOTICE: Occasionally we may cancel a class if there is less than 3 in a class, you must be flexible. Do NOT wait until the last minute to re-attend.


If you FAIL the Clinical Skills Test - you will have FREE 30 Days to re-attend any regularly scheduled hands on class as much as you wish for 30 Days - YOU MUST Email us to let us know when you will return. Our material is the BEST and YOU must study.  NOTICE: Occasionally we may cancel a class if there is less than 3 in a class, you must be flexible. Do NOT wait until the last minute to re-attend.


You have 120 days on line. After that (120 Days / 4 months) If you need more time you may send us an email to purchase additional 30 days.

Part 1 - Attend CNA Classes for Carrollwood: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM for 4 days.
Part 1 - Attend CNA Classes for South Dale Center: Tue/Wed/Thur 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM for 3 days.
Optional: All Students may return 1 more class day just prior to your state test, if you wish, to review and have instructor evaluate your opening and closing procedures prior to test.
Part 2 - At Home: Study SAMPLE Written test about 4 hours
Part 3 - At Home:- WATCH and STUDY the CNA Clinical Skills Videos -
Part 4 - At Home:- WATCH the Videos - CNA Nursing Theories is don on line. (About 5 hrs).
Part 5 - If purchase HHA or PCT or MA Class you will watch the Home Health Aid Video Presentation On line.
Part 6 - If purchased PCT or MA you will attend the 5 hour Advanced Hospital clinical skills workshop.
Part 7 - If purchased PCT or MA you will have 12 Hrs of CEUS on line after you pass your test.

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